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6B1 Dynamic Autocorrelation of Intraday Stock Returns Parlor B 6B2 Estimation Error Distortions on Portfolio Allocation Models Parlor B 6B3 Normal Return Gaps Parlor B 6B4 The Gross Profitability Premium in Real World Parlor B 6C1 A Comparative Study of GARCH and EVT Model in Modeling Value-at-Risk (VaR) Parlor C 6C2 Investing Globally: Maximizing Returns through Foreign Exchange Gains Parlor C 6C3 Investor Horizons and Corporate Insider Trading Parlor C 6C4 Relative Contribution of Foreign versus Domestic Institutional Investors to Innovations: Evidence from the International Markets Parlor C 6D1 Change in Financial Assets of Households Following the Great Recession and the Role of Financial Planning Parlor D 6D2 Changes in the Risk Tolerance of US Households During 1992-2013 Parlor D 6D3 Personality Type, Risk Tolerance, and Portfolio Allocation Decisions among the Elderly: Evidence from a National Study Parlor D 6D4 Who Exhibits Time Varying Risk Aversion? Parlor D 6E1 Beyond the Credentials: Selecting Professional Financial Advice [CFP Financial Planning Issues] Parlor E 6E2 New Financial Planning Ph.D. Hiring Expectations: Business and Human Science Programs Compared [CFP Financial Planning Issues] Parlor E 6E3 Transparency in the Investment Industry: Public Perception of Brokers and Investment Advisers [CFP Financial Planning Issues] Parlor E 6E4 What do Financial Planning Associations Communicate to Consumers? Different Dialogue among Financial Planning Associations and News Articles [CFP Financial Planning Issues] Parlor E Wiley - Hosting Financial Literacy Focus Group Parlor F

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